The Writer as Self-Promoter

As a child, like I still am as an adult, I liked to be alone. I enjoyed and sought out ‘alone time’. Whether that was to play barbies or build lego palaces, or eventually to write, being alone never equated for me to being lonely.

So as someone who gravitated to writing for the ‘aloneness’, the concept of writer as self-promoter is a difficult one. I am not the Facebook engager; I’m the lurker. I would much rather sit at my computer and write, or play with my dogs, or snuggly with my husband than try to figure out how to get my story out to people.

And I’ll admit, I’m an introverted reader. Until I became an author, it never occurred to me to google an author, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t read blogs about writers/books. I don’t use Goodreads, and I don’t write or for that matter, read reviews of the books I like. And yet somehow I still found authors to love and follow: Lexi Blake, Opal Carew, Jaci Burton, Lorelei James, Lora Leigh, Samantha Kane, Kate Pearce …

But as an author now, I am trying to get into the game. I have the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts… now the blog… LOL. And I’m putting together a blog schedule for this page, and developing a roster of blogs to participate on when I have new releases.

It’s a learning curve, so I hope you’ll be gentle with me.