At home in the city or the country

I just finished reading a short article (internet) on living in the country and raising kids. In case you didn’t know, I don’t have any munchkins, except for my three K9 fur babies. That’s all we need (and could cope with). But some of the ideas it brought up still hit home.

We moved about 20 minutes for our city’s downtown about 10 years ago. Some of the city has grown toward us, but not close enough. There are coffee shops and hardware stores, a few restaurants etc… about 10 minutes away. By car.

Our road doesn’t have sidewalks, or streetlights. It’s not a nice little ‘subdivision’ in the country that has parks and trails. It’s a country road. It has nothing. But black flies, horse flies, deer flies and mosquitoes. (and spiders and ants and earwigs).

But I still love it.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t enjoy having to drive my bike to a city trail to go biking. Or taking my dogs into town to have safe sidewalks to walk on. But we have lots of space to run around out here. We have birds of all sorts (hawks, partridge, woodpeckers, jays, and finches all the way to the tiniest hummingbirds). We have rabbits and squirrels and fox and coyotes.  According to Facebook, it was seven years ago today, that we saw a moose in my front yard (It hasn’t happened – that I’ve seen – since). That’s all pretty cool.

I can hear my neighbours (because they are loud) but I can’t see them. I can sunbathe topless. Actually we call it a naked backyard because no one can see you. I don’t recommend doing very much ‘naked’ in the backyard  (see paragraph 3 above re: bugs) but you could… like swimming in the pool au naturel or the hot tub 🙂

And we have stars out here. Oh, so many stars. Thankfully, just after we moved in my husband built me a beautiful little screen house. Where I can relax bug free. And at night, you can look out the screen and see a star-filled sky.

Sure, we put a lot of kilometres on the car going in and out and in and out of town. I try to plan my trips a bit – but it doesn’t always work out. It’s fine in my husband’s little sports car… a little rougher on the gas budget in my old jeep.

But if that’s the worst about rural living for me… I will live with it.

no good, very bad day…

I am having one of those days where you begin to think of your whole existence might just be one big cosmic joke played by an evil overlord (God). Okay, I’m over reacting, I know. But there are days when I begin to seriously wonder if I did the right thing by thinking I could do this writing thing as a full time gig.

My darling husband (DH from here on out) keeps reminding me that I am still in ‘recovery’ from the day job I gave up. It’s like driving my jeep… you can’t go from 100 to 50 without a few bumps and wiggles in the steering. (my jeep shimmies when braking between 85 and 75… lol). So I guess today is a shimmy day for me.

I haven’t written as much in the last six weeks as I thought I would. I really expected to have at least one novel (heck even a novella) done by now. I know I’m still trying to freelance 40 hours a month, and we’ve gone away on ‘vacation’ and I am being told by DH to enjoy my summer but it feels like I am spinning my wheels.

I’m not giving up yet. I have completed a submission/query for Harlequin so i will be sending that in, and I have other stories either in the ‘edit me!’ phase or in the ‘write me’ phase so I will move forward from here and convince myself that September through December will be more productive. (If not, then I will panic.)

I am sure to shimmy again between now and then but even a shimmy is movement.