What’s on my desk right now…

I just cleaned up my office, so maybe I should have done this before, but okay. My desk currently includes my desktop Mac, and my external terabyte drive. I also have my iPad (on a stand so I can have things like my pinterest inspiration boards up while I work.

I have a real landline phone. It’s even a corded phone. A hold-over from when I used to do a lot of business conference calls. It has speakerphone and mute and really nice big numbers. I have a little desk ‘spot’ light, and a pen-cup. The pen cup is silver and is actually a little fox. (so cute!)

Of course I also have a mousepad, cordless mouse, and keyboard. My mousepad is from Chapters and shows a person jumping off a cliff into the water and says “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Flanking my desk are two book cases which have mostly work related books, and lots and lots of journals/notebooks. As well as some collectibles, candles and potpourri. I like my office to smell good. Usually like lavender.

Speaking of lavender, there is also a tube of lavender hand and body cream on my desk.

You might think that sounds pretty clean and organized, and I’m going to be honest here… I’m a bit of a neat freak. I like my desk organized. I can’t concentrate if things get too far out of place or disorganized. Today’s exercise in ‘straightening up’ mostly consisted of me organizing my notebooks based on size, colour, type (coil bound or not), and material. I know – insane.

My insanity though has done me well when I’m trying to juggle multiple projects, for multiple clients 🙂

Now you know my deep dark secret – try not to judge me too harshly.