Autumn seems much shorter than it used to…

I realize that title could apply to many things after all, the days (hours of daylight) are shorter but it seems in the last few years, the time between the end of summer and Christmas just seem to pass so quickly. How is it that there are fewer than 60 days until Santa Day!

We used to live in a part of Canada where there was no real discernible autumn. It went from Summer to Winter in the blink of an eye. And you could count on having the first snow long before Halloween. Since moving to the Maritimes, that’s not the case. We have beautiful fall days, and we usually get a few days of Indian Summer (forgive me if there is a better more PC term for that nowadays). We had a few days of it this week with 22 feels like 27 (celsius) but horribly gray outside. Barely a speck of sunshine. Maybe that has me feeling lacklustre today.

eightyonedays_800And it has been a busy fall. Taking an active management role in the yoga studio and teaching barre actually takes up a lot more time than I expected. But I’m loving it. There as been a lot of marketing work for the two releases I had at the end of the summer – Eighty-One Days (jesus, I still love this cover) and Bound to Happen (from the Sensory Limits Anthology).

I am nearly finished my next novella in the Men of Steele Novella series. This one is called Playing It Cool. The cover should arrive next week, and I’ve told my editor she would have it early in November so I need to get it done. It’s crunch time now, and my problem is the ending. Obviously it’s HEA – happily ever after – but trying to do that with some originality and flare 🙂 If everything goes well, it should be released mid-December. (I’m trying for that sweet space before Christmas.)

The next big thing to plan for is Christmas and my in-laws spending a week with us over the holidays. It will be fine, really. I keep reminding myself that a week is after all only seven days. They uh, don’t really know/understand what I write, and are pretty ‘churchy’ so I’m thinking I may have to lock my office door, or at least shroud my photo display of my novel covers (hehehe!) And since they are teetotalers (and we respectfully don’t drink around them) I may need to do make an extra batch or seven of rum balls rum balls 😉

So I will keep slogging away here… enjoying the fact that at this point there is no snow in the forecast and while autumn may go fast, at least winter hasn’t begun (like elsewhere in Canada). Take care my friends!