What does the writer read?

What am I reading right now?

First you have to know that I’m horrid about sharing what I’m reading on Goodreads and I’m also the worst friend/reader for an author because I rarely leave reviews. (I get it – those of you who are tired of authors asking you to leave a review for them… you just want to read, escape for an hour or two – I totally get it, and I don’t hold it against you.) I am trying to do better though.

cropped-book-1738609_1920.jpgSo that leads me to my current reading list. I didn’t get as much time to read over the Christmas holidays as I would have liked – my in-laws were here for a week from out of province.  But my husband surprised me with a great Christmas gift… a week away later this month – just the two of us. And I did get a gift card for kobobooks.com from my in-laws… so I have downloaded quite a few books to read on the beach.


First up I have to say I love the Compass series by Jayne Rylon and Mari Carr – I think I like these authors together more than on their own. So I was very excited to see the latest series Compass Boys. I’ve downloaded those (already read the first one – Heave on Earth – so good!). Can’t wait to read book 2 – Into the Fire.

I am woefully behind on Lexi Blake’s Topped series. I read book one but have downloaded the next three! It’s a spin-off from her Masters and Mercenaries series – also excellent! Spies, and suspense and subs and Doms – they have it all plus happily ever afters. If you haven’t read them – start at the beginning to get a sense of how the characters evolve over time.

I was also really pleased to see that Lorelei James is continuing her Rough Riders series with Rough Riders Legacy #1 – Unbreak My Heart.
I also hope to read the latest cozy mystery from Jenn McKinlay – Death in the Stacks, the 8th book in the Library Lovers Mysteries. And I found a new series to try… the Kelly Jackson Mysteries (of which there are two and they have dogs on the cover so I was kind of hooked) by Janet Finsilver. 

That should keep me busy for a little while. I doubt I will get through them all but I like to plan in case there are rainy days too. Do you plan that way too?