Mother Nature has some explaining to do…

“Winter is Coming” … sure it sounded ominous until we truly ended up with the winter that won’t end. I live in Atlantic Canada for those who don’t know, and I still have 5 foot ice/snow drifts in my front yard (not exaggerating) while there are a few spots where there is grass showing through. But I know those drifts are going to take their time melting.

I also spent a good six weeks of this winter sick with first a nasty head cold and then a sinus infection. Both put so much pressure on my sinuses and gave me such bad aching behind my eyes that I couldn’t fathom having to sit in front of a computer and write. So that has left me woefully behind where I wanted to be with some projects.

inclinedtoscandal_800But there is good news! Inclined to Scandal my first historical (being published by Totally Bound Publishing) is being released early. It will go on pre-order on May 29th, with a release date six weeks later… July 10th! (It was originally scheduled for release later this fall).

I am very for all my books to come out, but this is especially true for this one. When I started reading romance, it was historical romance that attracted me, so to be publishing one of my own… gleeful. Also I really love these characters. Our hero – the Earl of Rathbridge and Lady Georgiana, our heroine, both have overcome some daunting histories and its affected who they are. It’s made Rath a little rough, jaded and something of a loner (because he feels he’s disappointed those who cared about him.) Georgiana’s past tribulations have made her ‘an original or a misfit in the eyes of society. She is independent, and more than a little willing to throw caution to the wind on a whim. Almost as if consequences don’t apply to her. 

They won’t reach their happily ever after easily – in fact Rath and Georgie will fight it every step of the way, for their own reasons.

Before the snow melts here at home, I hope to have finished my first paranormal romance – it’s a blending of ‘angel-lore with vampire-lore’ with a little magic thrown in. I am working on the second draft (okay – I’ve been working on this book most of my life so it’s probably closer to the 20th draft) and am nearly ready to submit to publishers. Fingers crossed that I will have some news on where/when to find it later this year.

And finally, I started the last novella in the Men of Steele series. Patrick and Samantha’s story – Playing For Keeps. The first chapter is done and I hope to have the rest completed by the end of May so it can be released in July – not long after Inclined to Scandal. This doesn’t mean I am done with St. Augustin or our Men of Steele … I am just going to take a little break from them so I can start the Whiskey Creek Series.