diet pepsi… yoga… puppies

You might wonder what all three have in common – they are what keeps me sane, and what keeps me focussed on the job at hand… writing.

I know the one in the middle isn’t good for me, and I’ve cut way back. I have decreed that IMG_1057I may not have diet pepsi until dinner time. Which yes, is a huge accomplishment. I think I single-handedly kept pepsi in business for a while in the early 90’s. Eight AM Chaucer classes twice a week – breakfast consisted of Cool Ranch Doritos and Diet Pepsi.

Actually, the morning Diet Pepsi was nothing new. As I don’t drink coffee, soda caffeine pretty much got me through high school and then university. In my first ‘real’ job, I tried to look professional – I poured my diet pepsi into a coffee mug and pretended it was black coffee. That was pretty much my modus-operandi until I left ‘work’ to write full-time in 2016.

21078287_2079946942238826_4109843917970915322_nYoga has been with me almost as long as diet pepsi… I started with breathing and meditation exercises back in my teens – to counteract the worry of having to be an honour student, take care of the house (since my mom had a career but hated strangers – read housekeepers – touching her stuff) and dancing competitively. Yoga also helped keep me flexible.

And though I dabbled off and on over the years, but in the last five years, it’s become not just a habit but happily, part of who I am. I even teach it now (wtf?).  Yup – at least one day a week, I get my ass out of bed to teach a combination of barre and yoga, to a dozen or so of the best yogis I could hope to know.

Lastly… puppies. Even my 14 year old dog is still my ‘puppy’. Most of my PR career has Gillyincluded long periods of time where I could work from home and be surrounded by my dogs (two now, but soon to be – next week – three). “Wait!” you may say… “don’t puppies create chaos?” Sure – but it’s the kind of chaos I can live with, that I’m used to. I can handle the barking, the endless need to go outside to do their business (they are never on the same schedule). In fact these ‘distractions’ make sure I get up from my desk at regular intervals.

As I reflect on getting the new puppy next week… I look forward to the chaos she will bring, even if I get a wee bit less work done for a month or two. It will all be worth it.

What do you rely on to keep you sane? Is it a place, or a person, or a thing?